Is Genshin Impact an MMORPG, a Co-op RPG, or a Single-Player Game?

Is Genshin Impact an MMORPG

Genshin Impact is the new game from miHoYo, makers of Honkai Impact 3rd. It is an ambitious work that is in development for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, delivering an anime world that is as charming as it is dangerous. However, there seems to be some confusion surrounding the actual game and the genre to which it pertains. Is Genshin Impact an MMORPG as it often looks like, or is it something else entirely? Can you set out on adventure with other players, or are you limited to your own party of four heroes? Let's investigate.

Is Genshin Impact an MMORPG or Not?

Is Genshin Impact an MMORPG

The answer to that question is no, Genshin Impact isn't an MMORPG. While miHoYo is clearly expanding on the concept used in Honkai Impact 3rd, it isn't going as far as making a fully-fledged MMO. Considering the sprawling open world and the diversity of characters that you can unlock and recruit, there is no doubt that Genshin Impact had the potential to be developed as an MMORPG, but that wasn't to be.

But Genshin Impact isn't a single-player game either; while you can play it solo if you wish, you unlock the multiplayer mode at Adventurer Rank 16, paving the way for some awesome co-op travels. In this mode, up to four players can explore the world of one player, with some limitations firmly set in place. For example, you can complete main storyline quests with friends, and crucial items such as anemoculi can only be collected by the player who “owns” the world.

So, is Genshin Impact an MMORPG? Not at all. It is an online multiplayer game that you can enjoy alone as well if you so wish. Co-op is entirely optional, but doing some dungeon runs with a couple of friends is something that you just have to experience.

The Genshin Impact PC, Android, and iOS release date is planned for September 2020, with the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch releases coming a few months later.

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