Hero Cantare Reroll Guide | How to Reroll for SS Tier Characters

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide

When three cool webcomics unite, the result is the crossover game called Hero Cantare with Webtoon. Joining forces are the heroes and villains of Tower of God, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, and God of High School, creating a game that looks unique in more ways than one. Despite its anime comic influences, Hero Cantare is a hero collector at heart, which means that you must summon different heroes to create a balanced team and fight many foes. To do this, it's recommended that you start on a great note, at least with a SS tier hero or two. Learn how to do so with the help of our Hero Cantare reroll guide.

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide | Rerolling for Best Heroes

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide

Unlike the Exos Heroes Tier List where we show you that getting to the reroll part may take over 30 minutes, the Hero Cantare Reroll is much easier. You just have to play the tutorial and after beating stage 1-3, you're invited for your first gacha pull. The whole process should take you less than 10 minutes as long as you skip any cutscene that comes your way.

The most demanding players will keep trying until they summon an SS tier hero. To take another shot at this first summon, you must reset everything and try things from scratch. Go into the main screen and click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. Then go to the Account Settings tab and click Reset Data. As an alternative, you can logout and login with a different account.

When you are satisfied with your first hero, it's time to look forward for stage 1-5. After beating this stage, you are asked to perform the selective cube summon, which guarantees 1 SS hero in 10x rolls and up to three S heroes, and you are free to reroll until you are happy with the results and decide to claim it.

Assuming that everything went for the best, your Hero Cantare reroll resulted in two SS tier heroes and three S tier heroes. This will get you off to a great start, as you easily beat the early stages and earn materials to level up your heroes.


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