How to Dodge in Undecember | Evade Skill Guide

How to Use Dodge Skill in Undecember

Undecember is a new and exciting Diablo-like action RPG, more commonly known as a hack and slash game. This means that you can expect a hefty dose of skills and attributes, with no classes to limit your imagination – you can create the build that you desire. In the middle of the frantic battles, however, you'll need a lot of mobility and some sort of dodge button. In this guide we'll show you how to dodge in Undecember, something that isn't immediately obvious.

How to Use Dodge Skill in Undecember

How to Use Dodge Skill in Undecember Evade Skill

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In some hack and slash games, you have the dodge function available right from the start, just as any other basic action method such as shoot or heal. However, in Undecember you don't have such luxury; instead, you must complete a few – admittedly easy – missions until you get to unlock this ability.

Dodging is introduced as any other skill and you must remember to select it when it shows up as one of various selective rewards. The relevance of dodge or evade is too high for any expert player to ignore it, and while it isn't crucial early on, it's one that you will absolutely require a few hours into the game.

So, how do you dodge in Undecember? Simply by earning the Teleport skill and using it. Place this skill in your skill hotbar to make sure it is easily accessible at all times. The Teleport skill is available to all weapon classes and teleports you forward, increasing Element Resist after teleporting. The cooldown time is 6 seconds, so you must time your blink carefully.

The Teleport skill also brings some other buffs, but if you go to the Rune Growth NPC and level up the rune by using elements, or if you go the Rune Enchant feature, its abilities and linking capabilities will improve.

This is how you evade in Undecember, we hope this guide has cleared you doubts. Undecember releases globally on October 12, 2022 and is published by Line Games on Steam, Android, and iOS.

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