Undecember Skill Runes Guide | How to Link and Buff Skills

Undecember Skill Runes Guide

Undecember doesn't feature a class system, which means that you must forge your character via other means. One of the best ways to create a unique build is through the skill runes system, allowing you to get some skill buffs if you play your cards – or your runes – right. This Undecember skill runes guide will show you how this mechanic works and what you should be aiming for.

Undecember Skill Runes Linking Guide

Undecember Skill Runes Guide

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Completing quests rewards you with several items, including skill runes. Sometimes you're forced to pick a selective reward, meaning that you must choose one rune out of three, for example. Not the most enjoyable time, but hopefully you have an Undecember build plan lined up and ready to go, so the choices will be easier.

When you have a skill rune in your inventory, you may select and equip it. This will take you to the skill tree system, a hexagon-shaped board with several spots to place the skill and link runes. Skill runes are your average abilities that may be limited by a certain type of weapon and classification; link runes are used to link with skill runes of a compatible type to provide extra buffs.

Considering the advantages that a fully-connected hexagon brings to your Undecember build, it's easy to understand why you should resist the temptation to lay the skills almost randomly. Furthermore, skill runes and link runes are color-coded, so you must look for the ones that connect in efficient ways, while saving room for adjacent runes of other colors to link. It's like a puzzle game of sorts that the best players will dive into to make the most out of it.

Creating the best Undecember skill build isn't entirely a task where you must use your brain to the fullest. Clicking on a link rune will make a sound and highlight the spots where you can place it to connect, so this part of the task is easier to achieve. Farming or buying the best runes to optimize the hexagon board to the most extent is where the big challenge lies, so give it a shot and watch those skills get buffed early on.

You can level up runes by going into town and finding the Rune Growth NPC. Select the rune you want to level up and press Register, then pick the element materials for rune growth. Choosing elements of the same color as the rune will grant extra EXP, something that will be signaled above the element after registering it, so make great use of this boost.

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