Undecember Max Level | What is Undecember’s Level Cap?

Undecember Max Level cap

Line Games' action RPG Undecember will release for PC, Android, and iOS on October 12, 2022, marking the global launch that many players are eagerly expecting. This free-to-play game originally released in South Korea in January 2022 and was a huge hit, with the worldwide launch suffering from some delays. It is finally coming and many players are wondering about the Undecember max level cap, and we'll try to clarify their doubts on it.

What is the Undecember Maximum Level Cap?

What is Undecember Maximum Level Cap

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Obviously, the answer to this question won't be immediately accessible at global launch day or close, and it will take Undecember players quite some time leveling up their Rune Hunter before they discover the game's level cap.

To answer this question, we must do some digging and take a look at the original South Korea release. More specifically, we discovered that the level cap for this regional launch was directly unveiled by the developers, putting all doubts at rest.

Undecember's level cap for the South Korean launch was level 100, which means that there are plenty of hours to grind before reaching endgame. Furthermore, there were 240 Runes, and end game content Chaos Dungeon offered 60 normal dungeons and five boss dungeons, opening up to 11 tiers.

So, unless some content was cut for the western release, it's safe to say that the Undecember max level cap will sit at level 100 at launch. We'll track this topic and update this guide if there are any changes.

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