Is Honkai: Star Rail on Switch?

Is Honkai Star Rail on Switch

Honkai: Star Rail is the newest game from HoYoverse, makers of the widely acclaimed open world RPG Genshin Impact, which turned a medium-sized studio into one of the largest worldwide, with a terrific growth potential. Learning from the lessons during their time in Teyvat – which is still ongoing, almost three years after release – they are coming with another ambitious and sprawling adventure, but now with a turn-based tactical battle system. With PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation versions confirmed, is Honkai: Star Rail on Switch as well?

Is Honkai: Star Rail coming to Nintendo Switch?

HoYoverse doesn't have a great story with the Switch, and many fans are still disgruntled that even in 2023, there's still no confirmation of any sort about a Genshin Impact Switch release. This Nintendo version was officially announced at launch, but the eternal delays and rumors of complications with the console hardware are turning this into one endless tease.

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While this imbroglio is hardly going to start again with Honkai: Star Rail, as the developer hasn't mentioned anything about Nintendo this time, it's normal for players to ask about it, in the hopes of hearing good news. Is Honkai: Star Rail on Switch, or will it ever be?

The short answer is no, Honkai: Star Rail is not going to be on Switch at launch, and it's very unlikely that HoYoverse will release it for Nintendo's console during the first couple of years, or it would have already been announced like the PlayStation version was. At this point, with the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors, it's almost more likely to think that if the studio wants to release this new trailblazing tactical RPG in a Nintendo console, it could well wait for a while and focus on the next Switch.

If you are planning on playing Honkai: Star Rail at launch, your safest bet is to stick to the PC or mobile versions, but you have to go through Epic Games Store and possibly the official HoYoverse client if you want to choose the former.

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