Marvel Future Revolution Omega War Guide | Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Marvel Future Revolution Omega War Tips and Tricks Guide

Omega War is one of the main PvP modes in Netmarble’s open world MMORPG Marvel Future Revolution (play free on PC now). In this superhero clash of titans, two teams battle for supremacy over a small battlefield. Omega and Alpha will duke it out for rewards that include Squad Points, ranking points, and other treats that shouldn’t be ignored. However, new players may find Omega War to be a mess of epic proportions, because they aren’t quite sure of the rules and even their actual purpose. This Marvel Future Revolution Omega War guide is going to explain it all to you, and we’ll also provide some beginner’s tips that will help you make the most out of your hero.

What is the Multiplayer Mode Omega War?

Marvel Future Revolution Omega War Guide

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Omega War is a limited event that you can play up to two times daily for rewards. After that, you can only earn points for your ranking. It is played in real-time, which means that you’ll be truly fighting against other players, not against bots, like some other games try to do in their asynchronous and disguised ways.

Two teams of 10 players each, Omega and Alpha, will engage in a furious battle over the duration of eight minutes, with the team scoring the most points claiming the win. The chaotic clash that ensues may seem enticing, but your main goal is to rack up points by collecting the purple Convergium crystals that occasionally spawn on the battlefield. Sometimes you’ll get a few seconds warning when these crystals will show up, so take this time to organize and move to the spawn location, but beware, as the opposing team will do the same.

Even if the other team has more points, you can steal them. Defeat an enemy and part of their points will go straight into your account, eventually turning the tide of battle in the last few seconds. Each time that you die you have to wait 10 seconds to respawn, and then you’re back into the battle.

Marvel Future Revolution Omega War Tips and Tricks Guide

Marvel Future Revolution Omega War Guide

First of all, Omega War requires a balanced team for better performance, so you shouldn’t worry too much while playing under level 100, the game’s launch level cap. Enjoy your time, get to know the mechanics and practice until you learn everything about the flow of the game and the way that you collect crystals and steal points. When you’re level 100 and have a decent Squad Rank (anything around level 60 is respectable), you can start getting serious about it.

You should forget about auto-play here, completely. Your performance will be drastically inferior to what your human skills can execute, with misjudged skill use and completely random enemy targeting. Besides, you’re just piggybacking on the skillful play of your team members. Sometimes this tactic may work, but it won’t make you any friends.

Communication is key in Omega War. If you are part of a solid team that is able to plan ahead and execute, the battle will go much smoother and you are sure to destroy a random team of players that have never played before.

Group up to tackle the big challenges. When a large Convergium crystal shows up in the map, every single team member should go together and charge for these big points. Don’t go wandering alone and straying far from your team’s natural leaders, because there’s a big chance  they know exactly what to do and when.

Not everything is lost when time is running out and your team is losing for nearly 1,000 points of difference. An organized attack on the high rankers may take them out and half of their points will go to your team, so don’t lose hope, unless you’re noticing that several  teammates just went AFK.

Your best approach would be to start Omega War aggressively and rack up a few points here and there. Everyone starts with 100 points, and when you have a nice number of points (in the hundreds) you should take a more careful approach, because you’re now a target for the other team. Move along with other strong team members, don’t get in fights against a large number of enemies, and keep on the lookout for crystals that may appear next to you.

Keep in mind the low risk/high reward factor. Don’t chase players with low points; just go for those with high points and preferably with low health. These are your best targets and can help you get many points without signifying a big threat to your hero.

We hope this Marvel Future Revolution Omega War guide helped you grasp the basics of this PvP mode and gave you some good tips on how to excel in the battlefield!

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