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Marvel Future Revolution Guide tips and tricks

Marvel Future Revolution (play free on PC now) may put you in the shoes of one superhero – well, more than one, since you’re building a squad – but battling super villains isn’t an easy task. You need to persevere in order to raise that combat power and squad rank, leveling up skills and becoming the legendary hero that you are destined to be. That’s why we have created this in-depth Marvel Future Revolution guide with many tips and tricks to help you reach max level without making many mistakes along the way.

Marvel Future Revolution Beginner’s Guide

Marvel Future Revolution Guide Black Widow

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Between choosing your starting hero, leveling up your hero and squad rank, and increasing your combat power, there are quite a few things to grasp as soon as you start playing Marvel Future Revolution. If you don't want to make the same errors that we did while starting fresh, follow this guide and you'll perform just as it is expected from a superhero. You won't find any Marvel Future Revolution cheats here, nor we support you to do so – these tips and tricks will help you make the most of the game's mechanics with minimal effort.

Choose Your First Hero Wisely… Sort Of

First of all, you should know that there isn’t a Marvel Future Revolution tier list to help you out. Or perhaps there is, but it’s all down to each player’s affinity and playing style. Ultimately you must select the one that fits your playstyle while paying attention to the control difficulty that is displayed, from one to five stars. Don’t let this distract you – my first main is Black Widow, a 5-star control difficulty character, and yet I’m having a blast with her. But you can go for Iron Man, a 1-star difficulty hero, in case you’re a fan of Tony Stark and prefer simpler combat options. Since you have to create a squad, there’s plenty of room for experimenting with other heroes.

These are the eight free Marvel heroes that you can choose from at launch, with some short descriptions about their strong points.

Captain America

Steve Rogers was chosen to be Captain America in the super soldier program. With his tenaciousness and leadership, he eventually became a living legend and a symbol of freedom.

This hero fights against enemies at the front line with his Vibranium shield. His high DEF helps him hold his own against a great number of enemies, and he has the ability to break an enemy’s guard through their armor.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was infused with great power from energy explosion and became Captain Marvel. She is the protector of the galaxy and a member of the Avengers.

This hero dominates her enemies with explosive power. With her superior physical abilities, she approaches her enemies with speed to attack and uses her cosmic energy to deal explosive damage to multiple enemies in a short period of time.


After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained superhuman strength and agility. After a costly mistake, he vowed to use his powers and protect people as Spider-Man

With his enhanced senses, this hero can dodge enemy attacks and lead the battle to his favor. He can easily escape tight spots with agile movements and effectively neutralize enemies by shooting webs with the Web Shooter.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is the best spy in the world. She is a member of the Avengers and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This hero approaches enemies stealthily and takes them down in a flash. She confuses enemies using various devices, quickly spotting an enemy’s weakness with her exceptional intelligence gathering and infiltration abilities to deal great damage in an instant.

Iron Man

Tony Stark wears his high-tech Iron Man suit to protect the world from potential threats.

This hero renders enemy defenseless with the strong firepower from his high-tech suit. He chooses the best gear for each combat situation, eliminating enemies effectively from a distance.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange uses his magic powers to protect Earth from any inter-dimensional threats.

This hero can use various magic spells to support allies and take enemies down. Using his powerful magic and the power of ancient relics, he can control his enemies’ movements from a distance and enhance his allies’ abilities from the behind.


Peter Jason Quill, better known as Star-Lord, “protects” the galaxy as the leader of the Guardians of Galaxy.

This hero attacks enemies with very agile movements. He can change the type of his elemental gun to work well in specific situations and launch many types of attacks. He can create a battle environment favorable for him using various gear.


Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, mutagenically imbued with the ability to manipulate elemental forces of weather.

This hero is useful when fighting against multiple enemies. She can control the weather of the battlefield to restrain many enemies’ movements and deal various types of damage in a wide area.

Complete Main Quests First…

Marvel Future Revolution Guide Black Widow Tips Tricks

This is an obvious one for every MMO, but in Marvel Future Revolution it makes even more sense. The XP rewards for each epic story quest can be up to five times what you get from a side quest, if not more. This will allow you to climb levels faster and unlock better skills and features for your character, ending up making some of the areas easier for you because of your overpowered self.

Obviously, you’ll stumble upon some progression barriers – most commonly the Squad Rank requirement –, but when all is said and done, you’re going to have a nice power boost to face those bosses without as much trouble as one could expect.

… And Then Finish All Side Quests

Don’t leave any side-quests unattended. While the payout may be much inferior to main quests, there are many opportunities to complete these green marker missions and they are mostly easy to achieve. As you explore each area, the side-quest NPCs will be tracked and their locations are automatically marked on your map, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing them at your own pace.

It’s advised not to progress to another area before completing all the side-quests – in fact, the game itself alerts you to this. Clear up each area before moving on, because this will make any upcoming challenges much easier for you.

Be Alert for Hidden Quests

Contrary to main and side-quests, hidden quests don’t show up on the map. These will only be visible when you pass near the quest NPC, the ones that have an yellow dialogue box above their heads. Move closer and the quest is automatically accepted; stray too far and you’ll forget where they were and need to backtrack.

Since every little bit of hero EXP is useful, try to nail these quests as soon as you spot them. Besides, they are usually extremely easy and quick. However, some quests are timed, so do them immediately – you can retake them, but it’s best to seal the deal right away.

Choose Your Skills Wisely

Upgrading skills in Marvel Future Revolution is a lot more than just tending to those pesky red dots. Each level will cost more gold, and doing everything as the indicators say will turn out expensive and futile. Besides, you’re going to need the gold for your alt characters’ skills, as the gold pool is shared throughout your squad.

After a few levels you should sit down and reflect on which skills you find the most useful. Check them for damage output and versatility and focus on a combo that you’ll find crucial in the long run. Each skill has various masteries that change its performance for the better, so scrutinize those as well. Remember: don’t just clear the red dots, only upgrade what you think will be better in the long run.

Every Collectible Counts

You’ll find some boxes in every area. These are collectibles containing different items and their only function is to be used on the Convergence Box as extractable material to create synchronized particles. Collecting every box may reward you with a few achievements, so don’t forget to grab them anyway.

Blitz Daily

Blitz Daily Event

Blitz is this limited-time event that you can do daily. You go through short dungeons and face a boss at the end, reaping the rewards. There are Blitz levels to unlock at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100, each one increasing difficulty and featuring bosses such as Kingpin, Nebula, Maestro, and more.

The valuable Squad Rank points are more than enough reason for you to do this activity dailym each boss up to three times. But you may get a couple of valuable 6-star badge just by auto-fighting some low-tier boss like Kingpin, so don’t neglect the power of RNG.

Save Up on Inventory Space, Dismantle Badges

Marvel Future Revolution crystals are the kind of precious currency that can be used to pull items such as omega cards, costume parts, or cores. As you can see, every crystal must be cherished.

So, our advice is to not give in to the temptation of spending crystals to expand your inventory. At 20 crystals per five spots, it’s a fairly expensive move, and while you may do it once or twice, you shouldn’t go crazy on it.

Your best bet is to frequently return to the Omega Flight Headquarters and get rid of unnecessary items. Collectibles should be used on the Convergence Box, cores should be combined, and costumes enhanced, saving up some precious space.

But the most regular activity you’ll be doing is dismantling low-tier badges, something that you can do anywhere in the game. That way, you’ll get that space back and save up on crystals.

Raid Every Single Day

By the time you reach endgame you open up a new menu – Specialization. This is just another skill tree allowing you to increase passive and active traits, increasing your combat power. Since you can only raid once daily and each boss offers a different kind of specialization enhance material, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

Fact: by the time you hit level 100, each raid should be fairly easy and quick, so don’t skip this one.

Level Up Your Squad

Leveling up your Marvel Future Revolution Squad Rank is crucial if you want to go through any progress barriers, and you’ll find a few later on. The best way to do this is by completing activities such as Blitz, Battle Challenge, Special Operations, Omega War (team PvP), and Dimensional Duel (solo PvP).

But if you are feeling generous, you can always switch to an alternate hero and level them up, easily acquiring the Squad XP that you needed to progress. Since these Squad Rank walls are only valid once for the entire squad, the better your rank, the easier things will be from now on.

Your squad power applies to all heroes in the squad, so the more squad power upgrade materials your heroes get, the more powerful all your characters will be.

Stock Up on Med-Kits

Make sure to stock up on med-kits, as these make all the difference between success or failure. There are six ranks of med-kits according to your hero level, so consider how far you are from the next level and don’t overspend.

However, if you happen to have many inferior quality med-kits and don’t want to risk using them on your superior hero, don’t dismantle them – just store them for your other squad heroes, which brings us to…

Use Storage to Share the Goods with Other Squad Heroes

Storm Squad

Your first hero has a though task ahead, but that doesn’t mean the third, second or fourth must suffer as well. Here’s a great tip that will make life easier for your other heroes: use the Storage function to store badges and omega cards for your group, instead of dismantling them. While there are some level requirements, at least you’ll have the knowledge that some high-tier badges or cards are already waiting for your alternative heroes, saving them the grind.

So, while useless to your main hero, always save the next best cards and omega badges to use on your secondary heroes. You can also store other items such as attack or defense boosts and retrieve them with other heroes.

Auto-Play a Lot… But Not Everything

Auto-play definitely is a godsend in a game such as Marvel Future Revolution. You can use it for most quests and operations, but don’t always trust its limited abilities. Auto-play is extremely dumb overall, as it can’t properly dodge, consider the best skills, or have any sort of teamplay logic. Use it only for activities that you know your combat power can handle.

When it comes to Dimensional Duel or Omega War PvP, you should take control of the situation. Blitzing the level 100 boss is another thing that we advise you to do on your own, otherwise you’ll spend a long time looking at that revival screen. Even some boss dungeons in the story mode will give you a bit of trouble, the kind that auto-play just won’t cut it.

All in all, auto-play is good when you feel overpowered; otherwise, the only way to overcome a challenging boss is to take matters in your own hands.

Combine Cores and Enhance Costumes

Don’t leave those 1-star cores hanging around in your inventory. Your character will only get stronger when you socket cores into badges, so try to use the Combine Cores machine as much as you possibly can. Getting a 5-Star core may be a heck of a possibility (20% chance), but having 4-star cores in your badges is good enough to begin with.

The same can be said for costumes. Instead of having these low-quality outfit parts cluttering your inventory, just go to the machine in the Omega Flight Headquarters and enhance them. Choose one part to enhance, use five parts and if you have the right materials, you’ll get a better costume out of it. Besides, combining cores and costumes helps you save up on inventory space as well.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your cosmetic outfit part – every part that you unlock will forever be available to wear, these only work as cosmetics while the actual combat power is managed by the rank of the pieces that you own.

Go For Every Achievement

Marvel Future Revolution Guide Black Widow Tips

Wondering how to earn Marvel Future Revolution crystals? Well, one of the best ways to do so is by completing achievements. There are tons of these in the game, sometimes known as challenges, other times as collection, but in the end all these often seamless tasks may reward you with crystals, among other things.

Acquiring certain types of items, defeating a number of enemies, dismantling, having friends, donating gold to the Alliance vault, completing badge and costume sets…There’s a lot of activities for you to track, with plenty of rewards as well. Sometimes you’ll earn those crystals without even noticing it, but as you progress things become harder, so you must focus on the achievements that are yet to complete.

Try to 100% Every Region

Sometimes you’ll find yourself without much to do. You’ve completed all daily operations, gathered every collectible, finished every quest, but that damn Squad Rank barrier is still there.

No worries, just consider this as bonus time for you to strengthen your hero in other ways. Each area has an activity log that rewards many of your actions, from picking up collectibles to completing quests and eliminating a specific number of a certain villain. At regular intervals you get a nice bundle of rewards, but it’s always worth pursuing that enemy that will give you a Stark’s Blueprint or a Fury’s Classified Data item, which is used to increase your Squad Rank. Just remember to have tons of med-kits at the ready.

Bonus tip: you can get your hero hunting villains without moving away from the map. Just go to the villain you want to hunt, tap Location, and see your hero walk the distance and start fighting. The same works for collectible boxes, just press the icon on the map and your character will go there.

This is the end of our Marvel Future Revolution guide. A lot more was left unsaid, but you'll learn the ropes quickly enough and hopefully these tips will take you quickly to the big league, one where the Dark Zone opens up and you have to face both the AI and other players' superheroes in a free-for-all map. Good luck!

You can download Marvel Future Revolution from the Play Store and the App Store after its August 25, 2021 launch. Here are our impressions on Netmarble's open world MMORPG.

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