Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide | Quest Solutions

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide

The Bicheon Castle Taphouse is a place that houses many interesting but needy NPCs in Mir 4. As always, it's of everyone's interest that you complete a few requests and earn nice rewards in the process. Most of these are fairly simple, but others may not be that obvious, so we're making this Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request guide to help you along the way.

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide

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Request missions usually all start the same way. You move to the NPC that will trigger the quest after a short conversation, with details on the rewards and location where you must accomplish the deed. Pressing the quest on your quest list will auto-move you to the desired region, and then you may automatically start the request (by fighting enemies) or have to manually explore the area for something like an hidden statue or other object.

Either way, these start easy and gradually get more difficult as the battle power requirements increase. Sometimes you may not find the objects as easily, so we're hoping that we can point you in the right direction with the Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request guides below.

Small Gift
Collect Smooth Belly Leather

This one should be easy but can take a bit of time as you need to take out 320 enemies. From deer to vipers and boars, let it auto-fight and relax as your warrior collects the leather and completes the request mission. Move to the other place marked with the scroll if you feel like there are few enemies where you're standing.

Servant's Story
Collect Iron Ore

Here's a nice little mining quest, one that can take a while. It requires you to mine 320 pieces in Bicheon Town. Just auto-move to the location and mine until you hit that goal, switching piles when required.

Magya's Treasure
Collect Treasure Chests

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide Magyas Treasure

Auto-move to Bicheon Valley 1F and grab the first treasure chest where you stop. Then find two more, it should be easy because this location usually has tons of them scattered around. Check the image above for just a few good chest locations, with the player character marker as reference.

All Due to Drinking
Collect Beet Root

Move to Nefariox Ruins 1F and your target can be found near the Red Wolves Horde. Open your map and check the orange question mark nearby, just move a little and gather the item to complete this request.

Unforgettable Memory
Search Sleeping Pill Material

Auto-move to the question mark, ignoring every enemy in your way. Move to the orange glow and just gather the required material, ending this request.

Storyteller's Request
Find the Hidden Statue

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Taphouse Request Guide Storytellers Request

You unlock this special request mission after completing the main quest Join Yonggol. Your combat power must be around 24,000 if you want to stand a chance and earn the Nine Yang Manual Volume 2, an epic item that is vital to unlock a superior Inner Force tier.

After accepting the quest, auto-move to Hidden Cliff Path, there's another lost statue for us to find. This is right after Nefariox Necropolis 2F, in case you're wondering where it is. When you reach your destination, your only clue is “can be found in a hidden place within the waterfall near a cliff path.”

Open your mini-map and confirm that there's a question mark in the bottom right area. This is where you must go and it couldn't be easier – from the spot where you stand after reaching the region, turn around and see a waterfall with the orange glow behind it. That's the statue, just double jump and reach it to conclude the request and hopefully unlock the next tier of tome training.

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