Noah’s Heart Horse Taming Guide | How to Capture Wild Horses

Noah's Heart Horse Taming Guide How to Capture and Breed Wild Horses

In Noah's Heart (play for free here), you'll get your first mount early in the adventure. The brave steed will help you roam the planet faster, but there are many other horses waiting for you to tame them. And why should you tame another horse if you have one already? Well, there are many reasons for that and we'll delve into them in this Noah's Heart Horse Taming guide. Saddle in and keep reading.

How to Find Wild Horses in Noah's Heart

How to Tame a Horse in Noah's Heart

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Taming a horse in Noah's Heart is a process that involves a few mandatory steps. First of all, you must find the location of wild horses. You can do this by opening the world map and choosing the Wild Horse option under the Resource tab.

This should highlight the locations of wild horses, although there's one thing you should know: the location may not be visible to you if it's on an uncharted area of the map. As you should know if you read our Noah's Heart beginner's guide, unlocking teleport spots and exploring planet Noah as much as possible is one of the first things you should do.

How to Tame a Horse in Noah's Heart

After finding the location of the wild horses, go there and try not to get too close, as this is going to scare them off. You will see that horses have a field of view triangle which you should avoid at all times, or the horse will run away, never to return. Always approach from the back or sides and do it slowly, just to make sure.

But before approaching a horse, you need one object in your inventory: a lasso. You can earn this from some missions such as the Trial of Wind, but you can also purchase it from the in-game shop – open it and go to the Commerce tab where you can find the lassos.

Now slowly approach a wild horse from the back and tap the lasso icon when it appears. If you are successful, your character mounts the horse and a QTE sequence will begin. Follow the tips with attention and press the correspondent button inside the range when prompted, then press the Tame button when the horse is tired.

Now you can open the Mount interface and check the stats of each tamed horse. As you can see, horses come with different stats and can be fed, which takes us to the horse breeding system in Noah's Heart.

How to Breed Horses in Noah's Heart

How to Breed Horses in Noah's Heart

While you may capture and tame wild horses, you are not limited to the ones that you get. There's an option to breed horses so that you have steeds with higher attributes and different colors. Yes, like a car. Some of the color combinations are surreal and probably rare.

Before you choose two horses to breed you must feed them. There are four different types of feed that you can create via our Masterchef career recipes and each one contributes points to a horse breeding level. You get one breeding chance at every level for each horse.

When you have the breeding chance, you pick two horses from your inventory. You get a breeding preview result before accepting, so try a few combinations before settling for one – you don't need to have breeding chances to see the result of breeding two horses.

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