Noah’s Heart How to Get Flesh Lump Ingredient Guide

Noah’s Heart How to Get Flesh Lump Ingredient Guide

To cook delicious dishes in Noah's Heart, you'll need to get various ingredients including Ribs and Flesh Lumps. While the former is very easy to get just by defeating assorted wild life such as wolves or deer, the latter isn't as obvious as expected. This ingredient has one very specific means of collecting, and in this guide we're going to show you how to get Flesh Lump in Noah's Heart.

How to Get Flesh Lump Ingredient in Noah's Heart

How to Get Flesh Lump Ingredient in Noah's Heart

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Flesh Lump is an ingredient that can be collected exclusively from birds, those poor feathered creatures that you can find hovering and sometimes resting on the ground of planet Noah. They will fly away if you come close enough as to scare them, and even using your trusty bow and arrow isn't going to cut it, as it won't work.

So, the alternative is to take a more ninja approach to take the poor birds down. Do you see that spiked star shuriken-like weapon on the bottom right corner of the UI, near your other tools and options? You have already tried it during a short tutorial, and some Matrixium puzzles request its use to take down flying drones.

Choose it and you're going to change into a closer view, more over the shoulder than the standard one. Now you must find a good spot with a few birds by going into the world map, checking the Resource tab and going to Bird Hunting Spot. Scroll around the map until you find a location with many bird species – the more diverse, the better for your album collection. The outskirts of Gulf Stream City can be a good place for you to start your hunt.

When in place, find a bird and learn its movement pattern. They always go around in circles, so get close enough but not too close as to scare them. Aim at a spot where you think it will pass and shoot one second before the bird gets there. If you timed it right, the star will hit the bird, it will come crashing down, and you can pick up the Flesh Lump right where you are.

This is how you collect Flesh Lump in Noah's Heart, but you are correct if you're thinking that the process is a little lengthy and requires an extra dose of patience. Save up those ingredients and follow our Noah's Heart Recipes List for the best performance.

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