Noah’s Heart Pets System | Does Noah’s Heart Have Pets?

Noahs Heart Pets

We have all become accustomed to pets in MMORPGs. These creatures of varying sizes and shapes are our right hands throughout most adventures, being experts in collecting loot and lending us their skills in battle. It's normal to expect an appearance of a pet system in Noah's Heart, the latest MMO from Archosaur Games, but what kind of critters can we have by our side. What is the Noah's Heart pets system like, that's what we're going to investigate in this article.

Does Noah's Heart Have Pets?

Noah's Heart

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We're sorry to burst your bubble so soon, but the truth is that Noah's Heart doesn't have pets. You have a wide selection of mounts and Phantoms, your battle sidekicks, but for now there's not a dog, cat, or Chocobo in sight. So, at the time of global launch you shouldn't try to catch pets because there's no such function.

That doesn't mean pets won't be coming to Noah's Heart in the future. Judging by Archosaur's previous MMO Dragon Raja, which includes pets and even an entire pet trainer profession with cute Corgis, you may end up seeing pets in Noah's Heart thanks to a future update. Of course, this is just speculation at this point, but it's not impossible to expect a pet system with animals and other creatures of different rarities, affinity levels, and possibly even breeding options.

If Noah's Heart proves successful, that could be one of the many features planned for a future content update. Until then, it's up to players to make it worth developing.

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