Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Trivia Guide | Tender is the Night Questions and Answers

Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Trivia Guide

Reverse 1999 (play free on PC here) is a stunning hero collector RPG with a few trivia sections that are somewhat hidden at first. With this Reverse 1999 chapter 2 trivia guide you will find all the solutions for the questions and challenges that you discover after completing the chapter. This way, you can learn more about the lore and more importantly, reap some extra rewards that are going to be very useful, as the game isn't an easy one.

Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Trivia Guide

This Reverse 1999 chapter 2 quiz solutions article is going to reveal the answers to the questions for the Tender is the Night episode. By now you should know that these special challenges only pop up after fully clearing the chapter, marked by the golden person icon that you see in some stages.

When you have completed chapter 2, return to the chapter map and look for the trivia sections, which should now be easy to discover. Find the questions and answers right below.

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Stage 2-3

Q: Item you need – Tiny Key
A: You can obtain it from stage 2-15

Stage 2-4

Critter Puzzle Solution:

Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Critter Solution

Stage 2-6

Q: Item you need – Garden Key
A: You can obtain it from stage 2-12

If you find any errors or discrepancies in this guide, leave us a comment and we'll investigate it. On the other hand, if a Reverse 1999 chapter trivia guide is incomplete, feel free to let us know the question/activity solutions so that it can be the most complete as possible.

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