Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Trivia Guide | All Questions and Answers

Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Trivia Guide

The awesome Reverse 1999 (play free on PC here) throws us into some time travelling antics with beautiful characters, but also some unexpected trivia and quiz challenges. When you finish a chapter, there may be some additional tasks to clear, and that's where this Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 trivia guide comes in. Follow our explanations to earn those rewards quickly and simply.

Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Trivia Guide

With the help of this Reverse 1999 quiz guide, you'll quickly get the rewards from chapter 3. Remember that you have to finish the full chapter and then return to it, looking for the golden icon that illustrates a quiz or other type of challenge. It's easy to spot them by clicking on each stage and looking at the map.

This time, you will stumble upon a couple of quizzes and a couple of puzzles, some of them not really easy unless you have been paying complete attention to the story of the game. There's a lot to read, so it's not always easy to remember that specific detail.

Without further ado, here are the Reverse 1999 answers for the third chapter of the game.

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Stage 3-5

Q: Item you need – Tiny Acorn
A: You can obtain it from stage 3-15 (answer the question with the solution below)

Stage 3-7

Q: Where are the fish and chips?
A: Basket

Q: Where is the peas puree?
A: Cabinet

Stage 3-12

Labyrinth path:

Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Trivia Guide

Stage 3-15

Q: George the Oak is already 800 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?
A: Red squirrels and Woodpeckers

If you find any errors or discrepancies in this guide, leave us a comment and we'll investigate it. On the other hand, if a Reverse 1999 chapter trivia guide is incomplete, feel free to let us know the question/activity solutions so that it can be the most complete as possible.

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