Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Trivia Guide | All Questions and Answers

Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Trivia Guide

Reverse 1999 (play free on PC here) is one of the best hero collector RPGs ever created, a stunning work that goes deep into lore and character development. Besides, it looks amazing and offers quite some tactical battles, so it's a great option for fans of the genre. Occasionally, you will stumble upon some trivia or quizzes in each chapter, and following with our series, here is the Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 trivia guide to help you out.

Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Trivia Guide

Chapter 4 of Reverse 1999 only brings a couple of challenges, not much trivia per se but more of some sort of puzzles that you have to solve. As a reminder, you must complete the entire chapter before reentering to explore the additional trivia and earn the extra rewards. Look for the golden pin as you scroll through stages so that you discover where the new challenges lie.

And now, here are the Reverse 1999 solutions that you seek.

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Stage 4-6

Connections puzzle:

Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Trivia Guide connections

Stage 4-10

Paper boat puzzle:

Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Trivia Guide paper boat

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