SINoALICE Event Timer | Learn Times for Guerrilla and Conquest Events

SINoALICE Event Timer

After a few years of uncertainty, SINoALICE is finally available in North America and Europe. The successful mobile game was released in Japan during 2017 by Square Enix, but it took a few years to see the western release. This RPG prominently features girl characters with fantastic artwork and a few events to level them up and turn them into stronger heroes. Since some events only open at predetermined times, it's not often intuitive to join these challenges and earn the valuable rewards that they offer. Thankfully, there's a SINoALICE Event Timer publicly available that is going to help you out.

SINoALICE Event Timer | Event Times for All Servers

SINoALICE Event Timer

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The SINoALICE Event Timer is available here thanks to the work of SINOALICE Database, with full credit going to them. This is going to save you a lot of trouble when you want to join in a SINoALICE Conquest event, or a Guerrilla event.

The SINoALICE timer is great for quite a few reasons. First of all, a drop-down menu displays the times for the available servers: Japan, China, Global (Asia), and Global (US, EU). The first thing that you must do is choose your region, and then you get to see the events that are ongoing. Further down you have a list of the upcoming events, with the start and end times, as well as a countdown for each one. There's even a sound warning if you want to get an audio cue right before an event is about to start. Very useful indeed.

Knowing what you're in for is the last important thing in the SINoALICE timer. Is it a Conquest or Guerrilla event, or what kind of rewards are in store for you? Are they related to fire, wind, or water attributes, or will get get gold and armor?

Now that you have an outline for the coming days, you can plan your moves and decide which SINoALICE events to join and when. Don't miss the window of opportunity and you'll get tons of rewards in no time.

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