Summoners War Chronicles Release Date Global | When is Summoners War MMORPG Releasin?

Summoners War Chronicles Release Date

With Summoners War, Com2uS has a massively successful franchise in its hands, and is planning on expanding it. The hero collector RPG will be followed by Summoners War: Lost Centuria, a real-time PvP game, and the first MMORPG in the series, the highly anticipated Summoners War: Chronicles. First teased a few years ago, it has finally surfaced during 2020 with the first official gameplay trailer. What's best, we now have the Summoners War Chronicles release date out in the open, so unless something goes awry with the game's development, when will we be able to play it?

When is Summoners War: Chronicles Coming?

Summoners War Chronicles release date

The Summoners War Chronicles release date was set for Q2 2021, as revealed during Gamescom 2020. This time frame refers to a global launch, judging by the fact that the August 2020 trailer comes in different versions and languages, including English, French, German, and Korean. Before that, a Summoners War: Chronicles global closed beta test is set for July 2021, according to info revealed in May 2021 from Com2uS' financial call.

However, during Gamescom 2021 in August, developer Com2uS revealed new details about the game. Sadly, one of those was that the Summoners War Chronicles release date is now 2022. Fast forward a few months and we know that the Summoners War Chronicles release date for North America is November 2022 on PC and mobile, with a console release coming later. There's no confirmation yet on the European release, though, as many players expected this launch to be global.

Just as it happens with Summoners War: Sky Arena, the upcoming MMORPG is going to be free-to-play and supported by microtransactions, with a release marked for PC, Android, and iOS devices. It is based on the aftermath of the “Rift of Worlds,” featuring various Sky islands and monsters from the acclaimed mobile RPG.

Apart from a vast world with many dungeons, players can also participate in raids with up to three players, and fight massive field bosses. There is 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 PvP, along with a host of lifestyle activities including fishing, collecting, mining, cooking, and enjoying hot springs. After launch, content such as guild battle, Trial of Ascension, and rides will be added to the game.

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