The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List | How to Cook Guide

The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes

Cooking is just one of various life skills in The Legend of Neverland (play free on PC now). It is an often underrated part of an adventurer's life, as you can gain valuable buffs that will help you get a a little bit further in your journey. There are many ingredients to gather in the world of Cabala, but it's no easy task discovering the best dishes for you to cook. Trial and error plays a big role here as you combine ingredients and research dishes in the hopes of discovering a good recipe. To save you that trouble – and plenty of burnt food – we're going to share our The Legend of Neverland cooking recipes list with you.

The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List

The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List

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Healthy food is good for you, especially if it gives you temporary buffs such as extra EXP or Crit damage. The hardest part is finding the right ingredients in the needed amount, so get ready for a bit of spending in the cooking shop. Fishing is also part of the process, as you must level up this skill to unlock more ingredients in the shop, and it's by selling the fish that you get the water essence currency to spend in the store.

The Legend of Neverland cooking recipes come in two formats: Self Eat Dish and Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish. The execution is exactly the same, you just have to open the cooking skill wherever you are and research dishes. When you have unlocked a new dish, it will be added to the production list.

Without further ado, here is The Legend of Neverland cooking recipes list, showing the number of ingredients that you need for every dish, and in some cases the buff that you get from it.

Self Eat Dish

Fried Egg: x1 Egg, x1 Salt | Crit +300

Baked Mushroom: x2 Mushroom, x2 Salt, x2 Water | Block +300

Barley Tea: x3 Barley, x3 Salt, x3 Water | Crush +300

Corn Flake: x4 Corn, x4 Milk, x4 Salt | Resistance +300

Mushroom Stew: x4 Mushroom, x4 Milk, x4 Black Pepper | Protect +300

Popcorn: x6 Corn, x6 Milk, x6 Butter | Pierce +300

Mixed Fried Rice: x5 Egg, x5 Potato, x5 Rice | Attack +150

Fried Rice with Mushroom: x4 Mushroom, x4 Carrot, x4 Rice | Crit +600

Fried Onion Rings: x5 Wheat, x5 Onion, x5 Salt | Block +600

Fried Food Platter: x3 Celery, x3 Carrot, x3 Bacon | Crush +600

Tomato Macaroni: x4 Wheat, x4 Onion, x4 Tomato | Resistance +600

Chocolate Cream Cake: x6 Wheat, x6 Egg, x6 Chocolate | Protect +600

Steamed Dumplings: x4 Wheat, x4 Meat, x4 Salt | Pierce +600

Steamed Pork Ribs with Potatoes: x5 Potato, x5 Meat, x5 Salt | Attack +300

Fried Pork Chop: x5 Egg, x5 Wheat, x5 Meat | Crit +1000

Matcha Chicken Wing: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Salt | Block +1000

Stewed Chicken with Wine: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Red Wine | Crush +1000

T-Bone Steak: x3 Meat Chunk, x3 Thyme, x3 Salt | Resistance +1000

Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish

Boiled Corn: x1 Corn, x1 Salt, x1 Water | Hero EXP +100

Roasted Potato: x3 Potato, x3 Salt | Hero EXP +150

Gruel: x2 Barly, x3 Wheat, x2 Water | Hero EXP +230

Corn Porridge: x3 Corn, x4 Milk, x3 Water | Hero EXP +310

Vegetable Soup: x2 Milk, x2 Celery, x2 Carrot | Hero EXP +400

Onion Soup: x2 Black Pepper, x3 Onion, x2 Fresh Cheese | Hero EXP +480

Strawberry Milk: x3 Milk, x2 Strawberry, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +600

Chocolate Milk: x2 Milk, x3 Chocolate Material, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +850

Fried Shrimp: x3 Egg, x3 Wheat, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1150

Fried Rice with Shrimp: x4 Egg, x4 Rice, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1450

Chicken Soup Noodle: x4 Wheat, x5 Chicken Wing, x4 Salt | Hero EXP +1800

Ham Sandwich: x3 Wheat, x4 Cheese, x3 Meat | Hero EXP +2200

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