Tower of Fantasy In-Game Aida Time Guide | How to Check Game Hours

Tower of Fantasy In-Game Aida Time Hours

Are you wondering how to check the hours in Tower of Fantasy? This is something that won't bother you during the first days in this magnificent adventure, as you explore the vast open world on planet Aida and summon Simulacra to help you in combat. But suddenly you may have to face a quest where in-game time is vital, requiring you to be on a given place at a given time. With the help of this Tower of Fantasy in-game Aida time guide you will learn how to see the hours in Tower of Fantasy and never arrive late.

How to Check Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy How to Check Hours in Game

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Checking the clock in Tower of Fantasy isn't as intuitive as some players might expected. Apparently, it has become a trend to place this feature together with another one in MMORPGs, and eventually you may have become used to it. But for others, there's always this short phase where they feel lost, looking for a clock that is nowhere to be seen.

But let's get straight to it. You can check the Tower of Fantasy in-game time in the main game screen, as you explore the various regions of Aida. Do you see the mini-map in the upper-left corner of the screen? Good. There's a little sun icon to its side, which is supposed to represent the in-game weather. However, there's something else to it, so click it.

As you can see, a big clock is now showing, and you can easily spot the current in-game time. The Watch fireworks on Cetus Island mission requires you to be there at 22:00 exactly, so you must know what time it is. From noon to midnight, the clock goes through all the daily phases, just as you would expect, and you can check the exact time above the clock.

Can you skip time in Tower of Fantasy and avoid those waiting times? The answer is no, you can't skip hours, something that is entirely logical due to the fact that you are exploring the world at the same time as other players. After all, this is an MMO and everyone needs to abide by the same rules.

This is a little guide on how to check the hours in Tower of Fantasy. Remember to search for more Tower of Fantasy guides.

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