Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck Door Password Guide

Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck Door Password Guide

In Tower of Fantasy, the Navia region has a couple of trucks that are locked tight, protected by a password system. Some of these door codes are easy to crack, while others require a lot of exploration in order to track the clues and discover the code. This Tower of Fantasy Navia truck door password guide will tell you the number combination that you need to enter in the keyboard so that you may reap the rewards… of looting stuff that isn't yours to begin with.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck Door Code?

Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck Door Password Guide

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This truck is located to the northwest area of Navia, approximate coordinates are (-648.3, -845.1). Before we hand out the electronic lock code to you in a silver plate, you should know that the hints for this puzzle are right in front of you. And a little above, as the password memory box is on top of the truck. The clue says the following:

“The first and second digits are the same, the third and fourth are also the same; the third digit is greater than the second digit by 1.”

As you can see, this requires some experimentation, but nothing that you couldn't figure out by yourself in a few tries. Still, here is the Tower of Fantasy Navia truck door password: 3344. Makes complete sense if you think about the hints.

Inside the truck lies a Type I Supply Pod containing Navia Exploration Points x10, Gold x220, EXP x3,702, Dark Crystal x20, and Black Nucleus x1. Not the greatest haul ever, but those nuclei are always welcomed.

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