Tower of Fantasy Travel Log Photo Locations Guide

Tower of Fantasy Travel Log Photo Locations Guide

In Tower of Fantasy, the planet of Aida is a sprawling open world filled with interesting and varied biomes. One of your objectives during your exploration is to find some scenery locations that are hard to discover, but usually herald some sort of beautiful sight. Photography fans and wanderers alike will want to be on the lookout for these, and that's why we have eased their task with this Tower of Fantasy Travel Log locations guide.

All Tower of Fantasy Travel Log Photo Locations

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Each of the five regions in Aida comes with four or more travel log photo locations. The regions are the following: Astra, Banges, Navia Island, Crown Mines, and Warren Snowfield (a.k.a. Wolen Snowfield). Most of these Tower of Fantasy Travel Log photo locations are located in elevated spots, so this is where you should be looking the most.

However, we have created a Tower of Fantasy Travel Log photo locations video guide with all the spots for the said picture anecdotes. You can check them in the video above, but if you prefer a text-based wiki, here are all the photo spots below, with images and coordinates.

Astra – Five Photo Locations

Astra Shelter
Coordinates: -980.1, 789.6


Northern Ring Ranges
Coordinates: -866.9, 683.3


Mega Arena
Coordinates: 393.5, 722.2


Ring of Echos
Coordinates: -666.9, 906.3

Tomb of Thorns
Coordinates: – 618.9, 1102.7

Banges – Six Photo Locations

Signal Station Ruins
Coordinates: -667.6, -3.7

Banges Tech
Coordinates: -323.3, 194.4

Banges Farms
Coordinates: 2.0, 429.1

Coordinates: 136.8, 882.6

Banges Dock
Coordinates: -154.8, 308.5

The Maen
Coordinates: 112.9, 677.7

Navia – Four Photo Locations

Cetus Island
Coordinates: -277.3, -543.9

Raincaller Island
Coordinates: -610.0, -382.2

Seventh Day Forest
Coordinates: -177.5, -406.7

The Selga
Coordinates: -523.4, -454.5

Crown Mines – Four Photo Locations

Miner's Camp
Coordinates: 194.9, 172.4

The Lumina
Coordinates: 518.4, 741.7

Research Lab (Area 4)
Coordinates: 722.0, 377.7

Coordinates: 318.3, 407.2

Warren Snowfield – Four Photo Locations

Silvercrown Forest
Coordinates: 559.5, -719.3

Aarniel Fortress
Coordinates: 405.7, -630.2

Saag Passage
Coordinates: 1009.2, -297.9

Southern Naa Fjords
Coordinates: 1008, -681.4


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