Tower of Fantasy World Exploration Guide | How to Get Black and Gold Nucleus

Tower of Fantasy World Exploration Guide

The various regions of planet Aida, the setting for Tower of Fantasy, hold many secrets, but we'll clear them all for you. From weird fauna and flora to strange devices, you have to consider what kind of reactions are expected of you, the Wanderer. Our Tower of Fantasy world exploration guide is going to explain every simple puzzle and every tricky challenge, so that you don't miss a single Black or Gold Nucleus.

What Are Black Nucleus and Gold Nucleus?

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Black Nuclei and Gold Nuclei are the resources used for summons in Tower of Fantasy, which are called Special Orders. They are used for pulling from  at least two banners, granting you weapons, upgrade materials, and more importantly Simulacra, the gacha characters of this game.

You can earn Nuclei through world exploration and some quests, with a pity system for SR and SSR units. These resources aren't too hard to come by, but sometimes they are placed in improbably locations that demand some thinking, flying, or both.

Tower of Fantasy World Exploration Guide

The Tower of Fantasy map exploration guide below will show you the puzzles that you're likely to face since the first hours, saving you the trouble of discovering what you must do.


This induction plate can only be achieved with the help of one Relic called Omnium Cannon. So, it's a great thing that you earn it for free while exploring the Ruin A-03 in Easy mode.

Now that you have it, use it to shoot the plate and watch a pillar magically form in front of your eyes. After a second or two, the Nucleus will appear.


These little plants may look exactly the same from a distance, but you will notice how the buds have different colors as you get closer. You may spot them in blue or green tones, and your job is to find a bud of the same color somewhere close by.

Pick it up and carry it near the Earthphyte, then throw it inside the plant. If the color was the right one, the plant will tighten its grasp and the Nucleus will show up nearby.


Possibly one of the most logical puzzles ever, the Lava Pit can be extinguished by using… no, not water, because there is no water elemental in Tower of Fantasy. You must use a ice-based weapon, such as Meryll's massive sword Rosy Edge, or the fan-favorite handgun cannon The Terminator – since you may find these in rock faces, using a long-range weapon is much more intuitive than dropping with your jetpack and slashing the Lava Pit.


Possibly one of the most cryptic puzzles in Tower of Fantasy, this one is located in the Ring of Echos (or Echoes, if you prefer) area of starting region Astra.

In this location you'll see several yellow buttons on the ground, each one playing a note as you step on them. However, it's not easy to discover what you are supposed to do, even if you go about and press every button in whatever order.

The trick is only visible to the most attentive and skillful players. You need to start by stepping on the button near the Balloon Fruits, then jump to the other side and step on the button that is now illuminated in a bright yellow. Keep looking for the other illuminated buttons as you go – it should be five in total – until the Lost Treasure chest appears on the platform nearby. Collect your much-deserved rewards that include Astra Exploration points x15 and Gold Nucleus x1.


One of the two induction plates available on planet Aida at the time of launch, the force induction plate is activated by dealing a strong downward blow to the center. There's no specific Relic or Weapon to use here; instead, you must combo your way out of this puzzle.

To deliver a downward impact, you can click on the exclamation mark near the mini-map and check the Weapon Skill tab. Look for something that resembles such an attack – for example, the Long Spear has the Crashing Drive skill that works just fine here. Make sure to aim and time your attack correctly and you should get the Nucleus you deserve from this plate.


This is a very simple one. As you might expect, vines burn easily and all you have to do is use a fire-based weapon on them. A bow or Zero's Negating Cube will do the job just fine.


These Tar Pits conceal a Nucleus within, but how can you open the passage? With fire, obviously. Shoot a fire weapon into it and the tar will slowly melt.


One of your earliest sources of Black Nucleus, Dandelions serve as a source of dandelion seeds as well – this resource is an ingredient used in some dishes.

First you must slash the dandelion with pretty much any weapon available. Then you have to jump and mid-air strike the dandelion holding the Black Nucleus with one of your weapons. Or you may want to shoot it from afar with a bow or your The Terminator handgun cannon, and pick up the Nucleus. Since these dandelions can be located in hard to reach places, it's advised to shoot it from afar and watch the Nucleus slowly descend to the ground – or you can use the Jetpack Relic and grab it while it's floating.


Another one of your first acquaintances, the Chowchow (not to confuse with the dog) is a blue and eating plant that is eager for some… erm… chow. You must look for a walking ball in your surroundings and lift it up, carrying it to the blue plant. Throw it inside its hungry tentacles and the Nucleus will appear nearby.


You won't find many of these stone walls in your travels, but every Wanderer should be on the lookout for these. The cracked rocks are surprisingly sturdy and no ordinary weapon is capable of destroying them; use your Missile Barrage Relic to turn it into dust. You earn this Relic during your first hours of playing, so check your collection to bring it up.


That statue has the weight of the world on its shoulders, but you can ease its burden by means of the Relic called Strange Cube. You should have this Relic in your collection in no time, as completing Ruin A-02 in Easy mode rewards you with it.


Kerosenia is a type of plant that burns bright and fast, for as long as you strike it with a fire-based weapon. A fire bow will do just fine, but you can use other weapons of the same flame elemental type.


Contrary to what some players may think, the glowshroom puzzle isn't solved by checking the blue lights from the giant mushroom that you step on. In fact, you should ignore the lights entirely and focus on a different aspect – sound. It's the sound that will help you discover the right order in which you must step on the glowshrooms.

Your first step is to find the first glowshroom, so step on each one until you hear a nice musical sound. If it just does the usual spring sound, that's not the one. When you hear the music note, try to find the second mushroom – again, the same music note will play if you have stepped on the right one. Keep doing this until you have stepped on every glowshroom, and the nucleus reward will appear in the surroundings.

Later on, especially in the Warren Snowfield region, you may have up to six mushrooms to step on, so you need to use your memory skills.

That's the end of this Tower of Fantasy world exploration guide. It should cover most, if not all of the challenges that you have to face in order to get your hands on those valuable gold nucleus and black nucleus, and also increase your world exploration rating. Don't forget to check for more Tower of Fantasy guides.

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