Valorant Error Codes Guide | How to Fix All Error Codes

Valorant Error Codes Guide

With the Valorant closed beta start on April 7, many players are going to enjoy Riot Games' new shooter before the rest of the crowd. Featuring an unusual key giveaway system where gamers had to watch popular streamers playing Valorant on Twitch and hope to get a drop, it is obvious that not everyone managed to grab a key. But for those who did, enjoy the early stages of what is bound to become one of the most played shooters of the coming years… unless something goes horribly wrong, but that's doubtful. On the other hand, with any closed beta comes a series of unexpected errors and failures, so here's a handy Valorant Error Codes guide to let you know what happened and ease your mind. Don't worry, most of the time it isn't an issue with your computer.

Valorant Error Codes Guide | List of Error Codes

Valorant Error Codes Guide Map

Here is a list of official error codes, with more to be added as we find them. If you learn about a new code that we don't have listed, feel free to leave it in the comments and we'll add it to the mix.

4 – Your display name is invalid

For some reason, your Riot ID isn't being accepted into Valorant. It may be an invalid character or perhaps some sensitive word that is being used, so head over to your Riot account page and change your Riot ID.

5 – Account was logged into elsewhere

Did you log into your Valorant account in another computer before? Make sure that you logged off correctly so that you don't get this error code about conflicting logins.

7 – Couldn't connect to session service

This could either be nothing, or something that you should seriously worry about. This error code could mean that your account was suspended for any sort of reason, most likely cheating. See if you received any official email saying what happened, or check the Valorant Discord and site for more information. Nonetheless, it could be a simple platform issue and it could be solved without trouble in a few minutes or hours.

8-21 – Problems with the Riot Client

If you get this error code, restart your Riot Client because it can be a boot up problem. Hopefully the client will run flawlessly the next time you start it.

31 – Failed to get player name information

Once again, it could be a sporadic failure from the Riot Client. Do the usual trick of restarting the Riot Client to fix this issue.

33 – The Riot Client process was closed

Any PC user knows that every program is prone to crash once in a while, especially games in active development. Restart the Riot Client and give it another go, but further crashes are expected until Valorant officially launches.

43 – A system has timed out

This probably happened because you were idle, or due to the fact that not everything is running smoothly under the hood. Restart the Riot Client to solve the Valorant error code 43.

44 – Vanguard not initialized

Riot Vanguard is one of Riot's anti-cheat programs, a proprietary system that was specifically developed for Valorant. It aims to ban cheaters in the heat of the moment, with no second chances or waiting time. When you get this error code, try to restart the Riot Client. If this doesn't work, uninstall Riot Vanguard and then restart Valorant.

45 – Vanguard Reboot required

Same as the error code above, but this may be a requirement due to an update. Reboot the Riot Client to see if the issue is solved, otherwise uninstall Vanguard and restart Valorant.

46 – Platform downtime

There isn't much that you can do when you stumble upon the Valorant error code 46. This refers to scheduled maintenance, which Riot probably warned players about via its social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is a common occurrence and is used to deploy small or large updates, either to fix an urgent bug or introduce new content. The downtime usually ranges from a few minutes to several hours, so refer the official channels when you find this error code.

49 – Chat did not initialize

Chatting with other players is crucial in a team-based shooter, so if the chat isn't working, that's a bit of a bummer. Restart the Riot Client to fix this.

50 – Voice did not initialize

Another chat-related issue. Restart the Riot Client and hopefully you'll be speaking with your squad mates in no time.

51 – Problem creating a party

If you can't create a party in Valorant, you might as well give up and play some other game. When you get the error code 51 saying that the system found a problem creating a party, restart the Riot Client.

52 – Problem fetching skill information for players

This error code prevents Valorant from launching with a broken skill system. Restart the Riot Client to make the game correctly fetch the skill information for you and the other players.

53 – Problem with Riot Client chat

The Riot Client chat is having a bad day, and the only way to fix it is to boot it up once again.

54 – Content service failure

Valorant was unable to retrieve your content, which probably means that it doesn't know what you have earned or how much you've progressed so far. Restart the Riot Client to give it a kickstart.

We'll update this Valorant Error Codes Guide as we find new codes.

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