Is Valorant free to play? Can you download Riot’s new shooter for free?

Is Valorant free to play

Lending credence to the rumors, Riot Games has confirmed that its competitive shooter formerly known as Project A and Project Ares is called Valorant. The new game from the makers of League of Legends is likely to be the third one to see a release, following closely on the footsteps of CCG Legends of Runeterra. Shortly after the reveal of the official name and the Valorant release date, we're bound to see a lot more info on this game surface in the coming months. Is Valorant free to play is one of the big questions that is crossing many a player's mind. The answer is out there, so let's investigate?

Is Valorant free to play or buy to play?

Is Valorant free to play

Riot Games' success was built on the wide acclaim and appeal of League of Legends. Released in 2009, the MOBA grew steadily over the years and originated the MOBA craze as we came to know it, despite not being the first game of its genre. This allowed the studio to grow and the subsequent support of Chinese giant Tencent gave it almost unlimited resources.

The time has finally come to diversify its catalog, with many games currently in development. One of the most exciting prospects is the League of Legends fighting game, surely one for fans of Street Fighter to look forward to, but the appeal extends to the mysterious action RPG Project F as well.

The upcoming shooter is shaping up to be the next big hit for the studio, but is Valorant free to play or not? Judging by Riot's legacy, it would be a mistake to put a price tag on a competitive shooter, when great games such as CS:GO, Paladins, Destiny 2, and others are freely available. Besides, being free to play is the best option to face Blizzard's Overwatch, as it would draw a colossal player base and potentially replicate the impressive success of League of Legends.

Thankfully, Valorant is free to play. Riot Games' 5v5 character-based tactical shooter for PC is going to be free to download and is supported by skins and other cosmetic items.

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