What Noah’s Heart Languages Can You Choose From?

Noah's Heart Languages

Noah's Heart is the next project from the makers of Dragon Raja, and fans of the latter will surely find some similarities. In Noah's Heart you can find Phantoms (Allies), Encounters (Anecdotes), a similarly accomplished anime art style, and much more. But this time we're getting to the good stuff faster than before, with the announcement of a Noah's Heart PC version to go with the expected Android and iOS releases, cross play and cross-save support, and you can also expect various idioms to choose from. What Noah's Heart languages can you choose from when this open world MMORPG releases?

Noah's Heart Language Support

Noah's Heart Languages

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The Dragon Raja global release offered the mandatory English language but also included four other languages: German, Russian, French and Simplified Chinese. The Noah's Heart languages that you can expect by the time of western launch are English, French, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

This reveal was posted on Noah's Heart official Facebook page in March 2022. In the same post we had great news such as the announcement of a Noah's Heart PC version, a request that was brewing for some time and was finally undisclosed.

The language announcement is of utmost importance for Brazilian players, because this is a large market that has expressed interest in the game and prefers to play a localized version – while Portuguese is referred to, it's common to see Brazilian Portuguese localizations as standard, because Brazil is a much more significant and important market than Portugal. Despite the usual preconception that both countries speak the same language, these languages have their own styles and aren't exactly the same. That's why you usually see PT and PT-BR in some games and movies.

Amends were made from Dragon Raja, which didn't have Portuguese language at launch. More languages should be added after release, but we can only speculate on this matter for now.

Noah's Heart is coming to PC, Android, and iOS during 2022, seemingly after the release of the Japanese and Chinese versions. Don't forget to visit FreeMMOStation.com daily for all the Noah's Heart guides, walkthroughs, and tips that you can handle.

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