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Naruto Slugfest Release Date and Info PUBLISHER: Mars Games | DEVELOPER: GameSamba
PLATFORM: Mobile (Android and iOS)
STATUS: Upcoming 2020 SEA, North America, Europe, South America

Naruto Slugfest is a full-3D open world anime MMORPG developed by GameSamba and published in western territories by the new mobile publisher Mars Games. Players in North America, South America, and Europe will join their peers in Southeast Asia as they play this officially licensed and ambitious mobile MMORPG. The Naruto Slugfest game download is free, with the entire game being free to play with optional in-game items available for purchase, including skins and other cosmetic offerings.

Based on the Naruto Shippuden storyline, this MMORPG places you in the shoes of one class among the four available at launch. You can be a Blazing Lotus (pyromancer with high damage), Earth Keeper (assault class with high DPS), Wind Shooter (ranged attacks), or Thunder Assassin (high mobility).

While you can't control a lead character from the Naruto anime, you will meet your share of famed characters along the way. You can befriend and recruit them as allies, taking advantage of their unique abilities as they help you in combat. The real-time combat system requires timing and deft hands in order to come out victorious, especially when you enter PvP battles. There are small-scale battles as well as huge guild wars for you and your friends to partake, with visual effects flying everywhere.

While a Naruto Slugfest PC version isn't planned, you can enjoy this game on Android, iOS, or running an Android emulator. With bright cartoon graphics, a weather system, smooth animations, and a day and night cycle to bring the Hidden Leaf Village and the surrounding areas to life, this is a great-looking game no matter where you play it.

The Naruto Slugfest release date is spring 2020.

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