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Punishing: Gray Raven Global release date and info PUBLISHER: Kuro Game | DEVELOPER: Kuro Game
GENRE: Action RPG | THEME: Anime, Sci-Fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final July 2021 (Android, iOS)

One of the most successful games out of China in recent years, Punishing: Gray Raven (not grey) is an exciting sci-fi action RPG with an intricate plot. Frequently compared to Honkai Impact 3rd and even Genshin Impact, this game features a deep combat system and a cast of characters in the dozens, each one with unique skills and alluring art style. There is an elemental system with fire, ice, and lightning as some of the elements, as well as an ultimate attack and bullet time, where carefully timed dodges will temporarily slow the enemies to a crawl, giving you the opportunity to land some devastating blows.

The Punishing: Gray Raven global release was officially announced in late April 2021, less than a year and a half from its original Chinese launch. Many North American and European players were expecting this announcement, tired of playing the foreign version with little to no comprehension of the game's plot. Nonetheless, the splendid visuals and frantic combat was enough to keep many enthralled.

There is a gacha system in the action RPG where you can earn characters and weapons. However, it is described by the community as free-to-play friendly, so this is hopefully going to be an aspect that doesn't become too much of a hindrance. How to reroll is one of the most pressing questions, and we'll make sure to create a guide on it when the game launches.

A housing system will keep you entertained while away from the battlefield. You have a wealth of furniture decorative items to give your barracks the look that you wish to, and then show it to your friends.

Is Punishing: Gray Raven on PC? The answer is both yes and no. This game is exclusively developed for Android and iOS, so you can take it anywhere with you. Nonetheless, there are many capable Android emulators on PC enabling you to play on a computer via an apk, such as Bluestacks and LDPlayer, with the bonus of better performance and the comfort of mouse and keyboard controls.

When is the Punishing: Gray Raven global release? Developer Kuro Game is yet to confirm, but our guess is that the game could launch before the end of 2021.

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