SoulWorker Anime Legends

SoulWorker Anime Legends

SoulWorker Anime Legends anime MMORPG game download

SoulWorker Anime Legends release date and guides PUBLISHER: Gameforge | DEVELOPER: Aprogen Games
PLATFORM: Android, iOS | STATUS: Final – July 2020 (NA and EU)

SoulWorker Anime Legends is the mobile spin-off of the successful SoulWorker game for PC. Developed by Aprogen Games for Android and iOS, this anime action MMORPG brings the exciting gameplay that PC players know and love, adapting it to the qualities of mobile devices. The PC game is one of the best anime action MMOs, featuring a cast of characters with strong identities and versatile skill-sets, and this stand-alone title is set to stay truthful to the dynamic combat and stunning graphics.

Originally released as SoulWorker ZERO in China, SoulWorker Anime Legends brings all the fighting and excitement to North America and Europe. Gameforge is the company that is once again handling publishing duties in the west, releasing the game in English, French, and German, with more languages to come.

SoulWorker Anime Legends features the characters that fans of the franchise know and love: Haru Estia (Soulum Sword class), Lilly Bloommerchen (Mist Scythe class), Erwin Arclight (Gun Jazz class), Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms), Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar class), and Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol class). More classes will be released further down the road, as Gameforge promises to keep the game fresh via regular content updates.

Each character comes with exclusive battle skills that unlock new combos and abilities affected by an emotion system – Integrity, Revenge, Pleasure, Misery, Madness, and Rage.

Despite drawing inspiration from the PC game, this mobile spin-off delivers a new experience for fans and new players alike. Beyond the revamped controls adapted to touchscreens, there are new quests and maps, along with new PvP features and ranking systems.

The SoulWorker Anime Legends download is available for free in the Play Store and App Store.

SoulWorker Anime Legends gameplay trailer

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