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screensSummoners War: Lost Centuria game download
Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date and guides PUBLISHER: Com2uS | DEVELOPER: Com2uS
GENRE: Strategy| THEME: Fantasy
PLATFORM: Android, iOS | STATUS: Released April 2021

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is the second game in the franchise, following the huge success of Summoners War: Sky Arena. Keeping the same hero collector vibe that made the original game such a hit, Lost Centuria tries to differentiate itself through the use of clever turn-based game mechanics. Besides, you get to meet familiar faces again in a revamped style, less chibi and more detailed.

While Sky Arena is dubbed a turn-based RPG, Lost Centuria is described by the team at Com2uS as an 8v8 real-time battle game. There are obvious common points between both games, but Lost Centuria goes for a more frantic approach with its timing-based game mechanics, instead of the traditional turn-based gameplay. This is due to the desire to give players a choice of using the Counter Skill system, which can turn the tide of battle.

The twist here is that Lost Centuria asks you to carefully but quickly consider when to use the skills, since these are activated as soon as you use them, and the same goes for your opponent. You must decide if you counterattack before your rival uses a skill, while he is casting the skill, or right after he as performed the skill. Timing is key here, and on it depends the outcome of the move. There are dozens of heroes – or monsters as they are also called – to collect in Lost Centuria, and you can choose one of four skills when the timing feels right.

A particular mechanic was introduced to lower the barrier of entry. The monsters come with a specific targeting type, which means that some may attack the enemy with the highest attack power, while others focus on the creature at the frontline.

You can use one skill per monster, emphasizing the personality and style of the unit. Runes take on a lesser role in Lost Centuria, with only three to be equipped for each one. The aim is to reduce Rune farming and for players to focus on the tactical side of the battles.

The Summoners War: Lost Centuria release date is set for February 2021. With the first closed beta happening by late November, the anticipation is rocketing. Coupled with the exciting MMORPG Summoner Wars: Chronicles, 2021 is going to be a big year for Summoner Wars.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria gameplay

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