Battlerite goes Battlerite Royale as the game gets… oh, you get it already

Battlerite Battle Royale

The Battle Royale genre keeps on spreading like wildfire (or like the plague, as some of you say), and Battlerite is the latest game to announce a mode based on this fight for survival. You can expect it on Steam and WeGame this summer.

The Battlerite Royale, as it is called, will feature fantasy landscapes on a map that is said to be 30 times larger than the classic arena mode map. As for how many players will be fighting to win the chicken dinner (so to speak), it's not as impressive as Fortnite's 100 players or even MapleStory 2's 50 players (we're not kidding here). You can play this mode as free for all or as a duo.

Battlerite Royale is played as the usual Battlerite brawls, but during the 10-minute matches players have to explore the map in order to find useful items, fight other players for their loot and be the last one standing. Obviously, you need to pick your most suited Champion, particularly if you're playing with a teammate.

There is no Battlerite Royale gameplay yet, but you have these lovely wallpapers depicting the usual start of the Battle Royale games and a Champion contemplating a mountain in the distance.

Battlerite Battle Royale

Battlerite Battle Royale

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