Battlerite gets the new Battlegrounds game mode in October

Battlegrounds game mode

Tired of the Arena mode in Battlerite? Well, rejoice, because the new Battlegrounds game mode is coming later this month. Stunlock Studios has revealed this mode in a new dev blog.

Battlegrounds is an objective-oriented game mode that starts similar to Arena and it's allegedly easier to jump in for some quick minutes of fun. It's useful to get familiar with new champions and improve your skills in a less punishing environment than Arena.

Battlegrounds is a 3v3 mode 2with two distinct phases. In the first one, the “event” phase, players fight to secure or complete objectives. The next phase is “assault/defend”, where one of the teams is attacking and the other has to defend – which one is which depends of the “event” phase. It all ends when the enemy Guardian is defeated.

This mode brings some new mechanics, along with others that were refined:

• Respawns
• Objectives such as Capture Points, NPCs, and Balloons
• Minimap
• In-game level system (“You guys are gonna go bananas over this but it’s all good, trust me”)
• Brush (“You’re probably gonna go bananas over this as well, also cool, trust me”)
• Badass Guardians (“Not Rocket Balloon statues!”)
• Bigger maps

So, are we going bananas or what? We'll know in a few days for sure.

Battlerite is finally going free-to-play on November 8. It took a year to make the switch from paid early access, but the time is coming!


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