Battlerite summer mega patch adds new champion, game mode, campaign

battlerite summer mega patch

The Battlerite summer mega patch is dropping on June 27 and it is going to do justice to its name, judging by the amount of new content. First off we have the new champion Blossom, the Forest Mender. She is a young faun who tends to trees and forests, but when she senses a disturbance in nature, she embarks on a quest to set things right. Mostly by kicking butt, but Blossom is pretty much a healer.

All Champions with brand new Legendary Outfits have received graphical updates to match, with the remaining champions to get the same treatment later. You can claim a free Jade classic outfit if you log in Battlerite between June 27 and July 13.

The Battlerite tutorial is gone and was replaced with a campaign to improve the new player experience. The campaign offers multiple challenges that teach you how to play Battlerite in a much more fun manner. The new game mode is called Rocket Balloon Brawl, where players have to capture and control the deadly rocket balloon. When you're in control, the balloon starts firing towards the enemy’s guardian. The Quest System was reworked and features daily quests, weekly quests, achievements and more. Now you can also level up your account as well as your Champions. Unlike champion levels, account levels are unlimited and you gain experience with every match.

The Battlerite arena is now a place that feels more alive with the addition of crowd sound effects. That and the Death Vortex, the new Sudden Death visual effects that come with additional epic music. Finally, Battlerite Season 4 is about to begin with the Secrets of the Forest. More on this later, but you can expect some tweaks and improvements to matchmaking.

If you want to see all the major features from this Battlerite summer mega patch, head over here. An early free version of this game called Battlerite Lite is already available to some select players, with the definite version coming late 2017. Battlerite is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 early 2018.

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