Bel is the new character in Vindictus and her reveal trailer is here

Bel playable character Vindictus trailer

The cat is out of the bag concerning the new Mabinogi Heroes playable character. Well, Bel isn't exactly the size of a cat but she is undoubtedly the smaller fighter in DevCat's game. She makes up for it by using a huge axe as her weapon of choice.

Bel is the 15th character coming to Vindictus, with the mandatory original release happening in Korea's Mabinogi Heroes. She has the expected bubbly personality to go with her blue hair and athletic skills. And before you complain about “another girl character”, this is surely based on player feedback.

There is a pre-event leading up to Bel's release on July 11 – check this page if you know your way around the Korean language.


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