Black Desert Mobile pre-download live, start customizing your character

Black Desert Mobile pre-download live

With the Black Desert Mobile pre-download live today, December 9, 2019, millions of players worldwide are now free to begin their journey in Pearl Abyss' anticipated mobile MMORPG. The first step of that journey begins with the creation of your character to use in the game.

Pre-downloading Black Desert Mobile is important for anyone willing to invest himself in the game, for several reasons. The first one is that you'll be ready to start playing when the game launches on December 11. The other, also pressing motive, is that you'll want to save that character  and family name before someone else gets it first. This happens more often that you are probably aware of, so don't waste any time.

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Choosing from one of the five starting classes, Black Desert Mobile players are going to take advantage of the game's advanced character customization system. Unlike other mobile spin-offs where this is usually severely dumbed-down, in this game you get a system where you can tweak pretty much every part of your character.

While it's not entirely true saying that it is exactly the same as the Black Desert Online character creator, this is an extremely advanced and polished system that provides you with all the tools that you need to make a unique adventurer.

You have a few presets to pick from, saving you the trouble of starting from scratch, although you can do it as well if you so wish. You have an assortment of tools and features at your disposal, enabling you to customize the character's face in amazing detail. Choose your hairstyle, color, and length, pick your eyes and the iris color, among others. Advanced customization allows you to select any part of the face and drag it to the desired shape and size, pretty much offering endless possibilities.

You can do the same with the body, selecting any limb or part and reshaping it to create a stunning adventurer or a freakish abomination that will instill fear in the hearts of their rivals.

There is an event running until December 16 00:00 PST (UTC-8) where you can earn some cool in-game rewards. To do so, you have to share your newly created Black Desert Mobile character on the official Facebook page.

The Black Desert Mobile download page is where you can grab this MMORPG for Android or iOS devices. If you prefer to see how it plays before downloading, our Black Desert Mobile gameplay first impressions will show you exactly that.

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