Black Desert NA and EU IP block confirmed

Pearl Abyss relaunches Black Desert in Russia

Recently there has been some talk that Black Desert Online would have some kind of IP block for regions outside of North America and Europe, judging by the terms of service. The IP block has now been confirmed, with Daum Games Europe stating that the terms of agreement with developer Pearl Abyss are limited to the following areas: Europe (excluding Turkey and part of Russia) and North America (Canada, Mexico and United States of America). If you live in other regions, you won't be able to play this version.

On the other hand, it seems that this IP block could be due to the fact that Pearl Abyss wants to “explore markets such as Turkey, South America or any other region outside of our service territory via different channels.”

Black Desert has been in the spotlight recently and not always for good reasons – first it was the surprise announcement that it would be buy-to-play in North America and Europe, then the Russian version suddenly got IP blocked, contrary to what was previously announced, and now this IP block that many players weren't expecting.

We tried the Black Desert Online NA and EU alpha and the game still looks gorgeous and oozing potential, despite the idea that the Korean version has taken a turn to the casual side.


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