Black Desert: new trailer shows the power of formation

In anticipation for the second Korean closed beta scheduled for April 22, Pearl Abyss and DAUM revealed another Black Desert Online trailer that gives a great insight on the battle formations announced a while ago.

The video shows the collaboration system between players and how some formations activate super skills that are extremely helpful in the biggest boss battles (it doesn't work on regular enemies or “smaller” bosses), even more since Black Desert doesn't exactly feature the holy trinity of MMORPGs: Tank, Healer and DPS. The different formations reward team play with distinct kinds of stat boosts; for example, a straight line will give bigger damage abilities to the player in front, while a circle increases the defense stats for the team.

This is the fourth Black Desert video released in anticipation for the upcoming second closed beta: first we were blown away by the Black Desert character creation, then we gasped at the exciting combat and were happy to see that we could milk a cow, among many other features.

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