Black Desert’s Battle Royale mode Shadow Arena is closing for good

Black Desert Shadow Arena closing

Welp, that was unexpected. Kakao Games is going to close Black Desert Online‘s recently released Battle Royale game mode Shadow Arena on April 10, 2019.

Shadow Arena was released in late February and was an interesting addition to the MMORPG. It was an enjoyable mode where 50 heroes would battle to be the last one standing, but it came with a twist – you started as a black spirit and had to roam the land until you found and possessed the body of an adventurer.

The original plan was to keep Shadow Arena fresh with regular content updates and improving this mode. However, this turned out to be very time-consuming and was steering the team into a different direction. The rise of third-party software (you know, cheats and stuff) also weighed in on the decision to close Shadow Arena for good.

Those who enjoyed this short-lived game mode should get a compensation package, with details soon to be released.

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