Blade & Soul: Dark Origins update is live, adds two chapters

Blade and Soul Dark Origins

The Dark Origins update for the fantasy MMORPG Blade & Soul is now live. NCsoft just added more content to the game with two new chapters of the Blade and Soul story for Act 7 (chapter 12 and 13). After this, you’ll progress to the Aransu School quest line and then it's off to Ebondrake Lair. This is a Heroic 6-member dungeon available in both Normal and Hard mode.

The Dark Origins update also brings two new raids. Scion’s Keep is which is a continuation of the Irontech Forge storyline, and Temple of Eluvium is a new 24-member end-game progression raid. Blade & Soul went through a server merge a week ago. You can see the rest of the changes in the patch notes and watch the livestream of the update below.

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