Blade & Soul enters Soul Fighter class week

It's the Soul Fighter week in Blade & Soul. In case you're not aware, the Soul Fighter is a new class that is coming to NCsoft's martial arts MMORPG soon, and it's the ninth class to join the game, coming June 22, 2016.

The Soul Fighter is a hybrid class, the second one in Blade and Soul, mixing the abilities of the Force Master with the moves of the Kung Fu Master. The Kung Fu Stance is the primary, default stance, with the greatest number of dashes, counters, and invulnerability skills of any other class in the game. The Elemental Stance has more range-based skills, but with longer cooldowns as a tradeoff. The Soul Fighter deals two types of damage: Frost and Earth.

You can read more about the Soul Fighter here and watch the announcement trailer below.

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