Blade & Soul previews the new Desolate Tomb dungeon

With Blade & Soul‘s new expansion Desolate Tomb releasing on August 24, NCSoft has just revealed a trailer showing a minute of gameplay of said dungeon. Not only that, but they show you the three bosses that you'll face in this dungeon. But before that, here is the story:

“Several engineers—including Bilu, a Talus Engineer and Naryu expert—have been captured by an automaton named Iron Juggernaut to help revive Katha Athari, the Lord of the Flame. While once a powerful ally of the Naryu, he’s being resurrected as a dangerous enemy that must be defeated before he breaks free of the tomb.”

The bosses are the suave and debonair Jang Ghibu, the Iron Juggernaut automaton and The Lord of the Flame, a giant behemoth. Check them out in the trailer below and on the official website.

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