Blade & Soul talks character customization

The first Blade & Soul closed beta weekend is coming and NCsoft is ramping up on the info for those who aren't following this martial arts MMORPG in detail. No need to beat around the bush, Blade and Soul‘s character creation system is one of the most advanced ever seen in an MMO and the unique art style also helps.

The blog post is short and divided into a few sections. The first one is the preview, where you get to see the default appearance of the race you selected. You can then change the background to see how your character looks in different locations, have fun with some poses, change the light source positions and compare the current character body size with other races.

Next is the voice selection and considering that Blade & Soul is a game with a pretty decent storyline and plenty of cutscenes, make sure you pick a voice that fits your character. Then it's time for appearance customization, where you can define how your character will look by changing the face type, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, body type, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and more. The Randomize button can be very effective in many ways, from giving you the perfect character or an approximate template, to showing you just how some combinations can turn in nightmarish faces.

When you're happy with the basic appearance of your character you can fine tune the details with a bunch of sliders for eyes, mouth and other body details which are sure to make many players spend a lot of time adjusting, as Blade & Soul is a game also known for the sexy creations that roam the game world of previously released versions such as the Korean or the Chinese.

In the end hit that save button and you're ready to get into the game. We already had the opportunity to try the technical alpha this past weekend and since we're talking character creation, here's our video showing just how the English version is holding up. Pretty nicely, we have to say.


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