Blank City introduces fist-happy character Lixia, the ‘Rose Fatale’

Blank City Lixia Character

Another day, another character from the mobile anime brawler Blank City steps into the spotlight. This time it's Lixia, another Chinese girl just as Yina, and she also loves using her fists to punch her enemies. What's with cute Chinese girls and punching the living daylights out of weird nightmarish creatures?

Lixia goes by the ‘Rose Fatale' moniker and she is aged 22, being born in… er… 1899?! Okay, I'll stop trying to find any sense in Blank City from now on.

Flero Games has released Blank City in Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia for testing purposes, but hopefully it will be officially available in other regions soon. Its looks of SoulWorker, Closers and Honkai Impact 3rd are extremely easy in our eyes, so here's hoping.


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