Caliber closed beta test coming soon, sign-ups are open

Caliber closed beta test

You'd be forgiven for not remembering what Caliber is, since Wargaming hasn't really given us many updates on this third-person tactical shooter. The last time that we reported on it was in last August, when it was confirmed that it was coming to Europe. It's unusual to find such an announcement without any mention of a North American release, but the publisher of World of Tanks probably wants to roll out Caliber in phases. The first region to try this game was CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), a region comprised of former Soviet republic states. Now, the Caliber closed beta test is on its way, so this is a good time to sign-up and hope to get a key.

Caliber has the look and feel of a SOCOM game, or perhaps you might remember Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter Ghost Recon Phantoms as well. It's all about tactical forces and four roles interacting and striving for victory: Assault, Support, Marksman, and Medic. The special forces at your disposal are inspired by real-life squads, and you get to pick from the Navy SEALs (United States), GROM (Poland), Kommando Spezialkräfte (Germany), and many others. There are several PvP and PvE modes for you to engage in.

While Caliber doesn't look like a groundbreaking game, it's encouraging to find a free-to-play shooter that goes for a tactical approach. Sign up at the official website for a chance to grab a Caliber closed beta test key.

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