CCP’s F2P PC shooter Project Legion returns as Project Nova

Project Nova eve online

It looks like CCP is yet to strike gold with its first-person shooter plans in the same way that the studio did with the classic space MMO EVE Online. It's not for lack of trying though, as Dust 514 was a fairly decent stab at the genre on PlayStation 3 but it's going to shut down in May 2016. During 2014 we had the announcement that Dust 514 was evolving into Project Legion, a shooter that was all that and more, but no much progress was seen since then.

Until now. During the EVE Fanfest 2016 event, CCP has revealed Project Nova, a free-to-play sci-fi PC shooter which is in fact Project Legion but in a more streamlined, traditional experience. Running on Unreal Engine 4, this game has lost most of its ties with Dust 514, while still sharing the same EVE universe – players will, in fact, fight inside ships modeled after EVE, as well as in asteroids and planets, and choose three types of drop suit: Light, Medium and Heavy.

Currently in early pre-alpha stage, it's remains to be seen if Project Nova will have some kind of persistent gameplay as in PlanetSide 2, for example, or if it will be closer to the other straight to the point F2P shooters already in the market.

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