Chaos Online entered open beta today, looks a bit too sexy

Joybit has announced the launch of the first US server for Chaos Online, a free 2.5D MMORPG. This game entered open beta today and according to the developers, it is “based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons theme and western myth.” The level cap is 80 and there won't be any data wipes.

We tried the game and you can try it too for free here. Our initial impressions point to a fast leveling game that resorts to the usual mechanics seen in such games (auto-pathing, auto-fighting), although you can turn these off. Progress ultimately unlocks some interesting features, such as allies that follow you around and help you in battle, tactics and strategies for combat (for example choosing which role each character plays, such as fast healer or attacking ranged enemies), and the arena, where you can challenge other characters for fame and fortune.

While Chaos doesn't bring anything new to the table, it could be a nice time-sink, although it has all the signs of turning into something of a grind/pay-to-win later on. Also, the artwork is clearly a bit too sexy for what it is, in a League of Angels suggestive kind of way, as you can see by some of the loading screens below.

We'll have a Chaos Online first look gameplay soon, to help you make your mind about this game.

Chaos Online (2)

Chaos Online (3)

Chaos Online (4)

Chaos Online (1)


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