Cheeki Breeki: Survarium shows gameplay of first co-op mission

Survarium co-op mode

Vostok Games has just released a new gameplay trailer showcasing some footage from the first co-op mission coming to Survarium.

You may have forgotten about it altogether, but the initial plan was for Survarium to feature both PvP (it's there from the start) and PvE (it's still in the works). Many players are quite excited for the PvE part, as this game mode reminds them of the time they spent on the cult classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Vostok has some members that developed that buggy but extraordinarily rewarding shooter and exploration mix.

This first co-op mission is called Dangerous Knowledge and highlights the Black Market and Renaissance Army factions' conflict, but some top secret scientific experiments will also be revealed. Watch the video below to know what to expect from this PvE mode.

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