City of Steam is closing its doors for good

We can't blame them for lack of trying – after one shutdown in November 2013, City of Steam: Arkadia is closing down for good sometime around the end of January 2016. This MMORPG had some good things going for it but never managed to stand apart in a highly competitive world. Mechanist Games, the developer, said that one of the biggest factors for this decision was the “decline of Unity support in the browser is one of them – Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins like the Unity Webplayer, and Microsoft's next browser, Edge, won't either.”

Mechanist Games is now changing focus and is working on a mobile action RPG, Heroes of Skyrealm, with a release planned for mid-2016 in iOS and Android devices. If the idea of having your own airship seems interesting, head over to the official website to learn more about the game.


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