Cryptic Studios’ Magic: the Gathering MMORPG is still in development

Cryptic Magic the Gathering MMORPG

Cryptic Studios is known for its MMORPG output, which includes Star Trek Online, Champions Online and Neverwinter. But wait, there's more! A free-to-play Magic: the Gathering MMORPG is also in development for quite some time.

Too much time, to be honest, as there is no official info or screenshot to be seen after all this time. The announcement took place in June 2017, which makes it nearly two years of deafening silence. Usually this means that a game is either going through development hell (reboots, massive staff changes…) or just plain canceled.

However, there is a glimmer of light as the latest Neverwinter developer blog briefly mentions it. Focused on Neverwinter: Undermountain, this blog by Environment Artist Patrick Poage mentions his move “downstairs to help create even more magical environments for the Magic the Gathering MMO Cryptic is working on.” (Thanks Massively OP).

Phew! Finally some reassuring news, but can you guys give us something meatier anytime soon?

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