Dark Reaches update is live for TERA PC today, brings Apex skills

Dark Reaches update TERA PC

En Masse Entertainment has just released the Dark Reaches update for TERA on PC today. The highlight of this update is the Apex skills system, with the remaining classes reaching their full potential.

The classes that are now getting their Apex skills are the Archer, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Sorcerer and Valkyrie. For this you need to be level 65 and have an item level of 439. The update also brings two new level 65 dungeons: Dark Reach Citadel and Grotto of Lost Souls. The UI is now streamlined and more intuitive to use, and a Compliment system was added where veteran players will be able to help out new and returning players and receive compliments from those they mentor.

Finally, there's the annual Halloween-themed Harvest Festival that is live right now and runs until November 1. Read more on Dark Reaches here.

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