Dauntless players sure love dogs according to the official launch infographic

Dauntless launch infographic

You lot sure love dogs, don't you? At least according to the latest Dauntless infographic that reveals some interesting info from the first week after the official launch. This follows on yesterday's news that Dauntless has surpassed six million Slayers!

Players have slain over 13 million behemoths in just a week, with more than two million slayers being forced to retreat. Tsk, you weaklings!

The deadliest behemoth was the Riftstalker – apparently, forging over 25 million weapons in a week wasn't enough for a lot of slayers to survive this battle.

It looks like dogs are Slayers' favorite pets. It's cool that you can pet your dog in Dauntless, so make sure you do so whenever you have the chance – remember the collective meltdown when Jon Snow failed to pet his wolf in Game of Thrones? Luckily, the final episode corrected this glaring plot hole, right?

Dauntless launch infographic


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